How We Give

How We Give
1:1 Pledge:
1 Roller Purchased = 1 Roller Gifted…. to a Veteran in Need!
We have partnered with:
  • Veteran Rehabilitation Facilities: We are donating a roller to each veteran currently in therapy, then moving on to the next clinic we can help!
  • Vibe for Vets Retail Partners: We have enlisted our partners to identify veterans in their own local communities and then head out to personally gift them a Vibe for Vets Roller.
  • Catch a Lift Fund: To further our reach across the USA we have partnered with an organization that echoes our values. Catch a Lift fund provides free fitness equipment, gym memberships and other fitness activities for veterans at no cost. We simply join their cause and provide their grant recipients with our rollers for free!


Why A Roller:
We are firm believers in everyone having the opportunity to live their best life. A staggering number of veterans are struggling with both physical as well as psychological pain. When they are given medication to treat their back pain this can actually worsen their psychological pain. Too often pain medications cause addiction, dependency, depression and/or anxiety. In addition, medications are only masking the pain, not actually improving the condition of the body.
The Goal:
Vibe for Vets Rollers provide a medication free alternative, relieving back pain while improving the bodies function. By getting you moving again and back to physical activity, your body is now releasing endorphins! Endorphins do two things: 1. They interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. 2. Endorphins also increase your mood by triggering a positive feeling in the body.
End Game: Back to feeling whole and living your best life!