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We want to make sure that you get the most out of your Vibe Roller So we have created and extensive educational video library. We have videos that range from treating plantar fascitis, prepaing your body for exercise and how to recover faster.  

If there are any videos that you would like us to create then let us know at and we will create it for you.

Be sure to follow along at home and start your journey towards a healthier more mobile body today.


To see the full library click on the link below


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Our comprehensive guide to vibration myofascial release will show you how to get started with your roller. The guide includes over 15 routines to help prepare your body prior to exercise and speed up your recovery.

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Our Mission

To provide you with the most innovative products and training techniques to relieve and eradicate pain.

Our Vision

Recovery, mobility, and growth for all. To enable you get the most out of life and do the things you love.

Our Promise

We promise the highest quality products and education, if you are disatisfied in any way then please contact us and we will do everything iin

Our Impact

We want to change the lives of thousands of people who either suffer from pain or lack mobility to get the most out of life.



"Thank you for choosing vibe. We are made up of a team of professional athletes, trainers and physical therapists who want to help make your life better. In order to do this we need to hear from you, please reach out to us for advice, tips and suggestions on how we can help you more".

David Mills, CEO