Vibe Education

Utilizing the latest research and tools for vibration self-myofascial release combined with exercise concepts developed over 3 decades of athletic training. Vibe brings you a system for resolving musculoskeletal pain, optimizing athletic movement and performance, and correcting joint and muscle imbalances.

Course Outline

Course Description

VI3 is the educational course that brings the Vibe Roller to life. THE VI3 system sequences vibration with self-myofascial release and exercise concepts to reawaken dormant muscle groups, improve joint mobility, balance asymmetries, and facilitate whole body integration.

The VI3 System can be applied to address chronic injuries, pain management, preparation for exercise and sports performance, recovery, and a host of other athletic related considerations.

The VI3 System was designed by Bill Fabrocini PT,CSCS. Motivated by a passion to share his three decades of sports medicine experience, Bill has put to together a simplistic model that can benefit medical and fitness professionals, athletes, and every day folks seeking to move and feel better

Who Would Benefit

Personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers, pilates, yoga, and group fitness instructors, strength/conditioning coaches, athletic directors, athletes, patients, and those individuals seeking a guide to optimal health and body function.

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