Low back pain exercises for instant relief.


May 21st, 2020

4 Myofascial release techniques for Low Back Pain Relief

The debate is out on whether or not it is safe to roll out the muscles in the lower back. However, there are a number of safe ways to relieve low back pain whilst avoiding directly rolling the lower back.

We have compiled 4 simple to follow techniques that you can use to get immediate relief from a tight and sore low back.

We recommend spending 30 seconds to 1 minute on each area that we describe below. We also recommend that you do each exercise 5-6 times per week until you feel a reduction in your tightness or pain.


Exercise 1 - Glutei Trigger-Point Release

There are a number of trigger-points in the glutei muscles (Butt) that refer pain down the legs and into the low back. We show you how to target them in the video below.

Exercise 2 - QL/Low Back Trigger- Points Release

The next area is to the side of your low back just above the hips. Technically known as the quadratus lumborum (QL), this muscle can be to blame for deep aches in your low back or stabbing pains in your hips or pelvis.

Exercise 3 - Lat Trigger points

The Lats (Latissimus Dorsi) connect the shoulders to the sacrum. When we round our shoulders and sit with poor posture we stress the lat muscles which in turn can create pain in the low back. By releasing these trigger-points we can reduce pain and tension in the low back. Also think about sitting with better posture as an additional measure to prevent your low back pain.  

Exercise 4 - Psoas Trigger-Point Release

The Psoas (Hip Flexor) connects the upper and lower halves of our body and attaches to the sacrum (low back). Prolonged sitting can leave this muscle tight and cause pain in the low back. We show you how to release tightness in the Psoas in this video.

Do these exercises as often as you need and be gentle with your self. We hope that these helpful tips will help you eliminate or reduce your low back pain.

In the videos you can see the Vibe Hex Pro vibrating back roller being used which you can check out here. We encourage you to comment below with any questions you have, we are always happy to help.

Written by Bill Fabrocini


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