A Secret Weapon in the Fight Against Poor Posture & Pain While Working from Home

Life has changed recently and where we work is following suit. More and more of us have already shifted to a home-based office. This comes with a variety of new challenges, one very important one being how to keep a good posture and out of pain while working from home.

Introduce the Vibe Roller. This compact, ergonomically shaped, vibrating tool has changed the game in self myofascial release and muscle activation.

As a twenty year experienced orthopedic board certified doctor of physical therapy, I have seen my share of strategies to help people endure sitting for hours on end.

Here are 3 no-brainer reasons why I recommend the Vibe Roller to be in your kit to fight bad posture and pain while working from home:

1. The Vibe Roller Keeps Your Mid Back Supple and Flexible
Myofascial release is a great way to keep the mid back feeling loose and flexible throughout the day. But how to get back there without a massage therapist? Vibe Roller to the rescue. This tool fits perfectly between the shoulder blades and, combining the comfortable pressure it supplies with it’s soothing vibratory energy, produces a superb mid back relaxation in a few minutes. Use it for a few minutes, 3-5 times a day up against the wall or down on the floor and see immediately how loose your mid back will feel. Relaxed upper back completed, your attention can then get right back to the task at hand: your work.

2. The Vibe Roller Helps Keep Ideal Posture throughout the Workday
An often ignored, but absolutely vital component to proper posture is the mid to upper back (also known as the thoracic spine). Many studies show if our thoracic spine is flexible, proper arm and neck posture is much easier to obtain. And these are the body parts you’re using constantly at your workdesk! The vibe roller can help immensely here.It does this by relaxing muscle, allowing it to find better positions to endure the stress of sitting. It also increases circulation to the muscle, allowing the muscles to reset and thus find a better posture.

3. The Vibe Roller effectively Counteracts the Pain of Sitting
Sitting is a pain in the neck. Literally. Research has shown we are not supposed to sit for 8 hours a day. Since the word day duration isn’t changing anytime soon, we need healthy tools to prevent, and eliminate, pain. Self myofascial release and vibration, combined in the Vibe Roller, are effective pain management and prevention tools with no negative side effects. Although taking brief breaks to use Vibe Roller would be recommended, on deadline days, use the tool while continuing to work. It’s compact and travels well, versatile, comfortable and effective. And its quick: I’d recommend a few minutes, several times a day to see a profound effect.

I wish every person at a desk job in the world could had a Vibe Roller. Sitting for many hours is very hard on the body and such a simple and powerful tool can make a huge difference in the comfort, and productivity, of this important section of the work force.


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