Train Hard, Recover Easy

Take the effort out of soothing sore muscles

Back Pain?

Have a sore back or neck from working out? Or just feeling sore from everyday life? Then the Hex Pro is the perfect tool for you! Small enough to take with you everywhere and perfectly shaped to target even those hard to reach areas. 

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Love To Travel?

All of our products were designed with traveling in mind. Lightweight and compact you can easily keep your recovery routine up on the go!

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Faster Recovery

Love to workout? Vibration is scientifically proven to speed up your recovery from exercise. Train harder and get back to training faster with VIBE!

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Why Use Our Rollers

Professional Grade Products

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Vibe VI3 Certification

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Our certification provides you with the tools to help your clients achieve optimal health and body function using myofascial release and vibration.   

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